About Us - How We Are Run

Merkinch Greenspace

The idea of the Merkinch LNR has been taken forward by Merkinch Greenspace, a local community group with an environmental remit. The group is run by 6 volunteer directors, is a Company Ltd by Guarantee and operates under charitable status. It represents the views of the local community on environmental issues.

The aims of Merkinch Greenspace are:

  • The promotion and enhancement of the environment for the benefit of the residents of Merkinch.
  • Encourage community involvement in the maintenance of the green spaces in Merkinch.
  • Promote the area of Merkinch to the wider community.

The contribution of volunteers to the work of Merkinch Greenspace is especially valued and respected. Volunteers increase our capacity to fulfil our aims and deliver on our objectives. They keep the organisation in touch with our purpose and provide a wide range of relevant skills and perspectives that improve the work we do.

LNR Management Group

A Management Group was set up in April 2007, which is responsible for the management of the Reserve. It is made up of representatives from various agencies and the directors of Merkinch Greenspace. The group meets on a regular basis to look at issues such as funding, Management Plan priorities and future planning.

The Management Group is working towards the objectives outlined in the Management Plan (March 2008), the Interpretation Plan (April 2009) and the Biodiversity Management Plan (January 2009).

Current members of the Management Group are:

Merkinch Greenspace Directors Ali Locke, Garry Wells, Al Beaton and Yvonne Stewart.
Ali is the Chair of the Management Group and Al is the administrator for the website.

Anne Sutherland, Merkinch Partnership Project Officer.
Anne facilitates the meetings, takes minutes, completes funding applications and carries out a wide variety of other tasks to ensure the continued development of the Reserve.

Colin Downie, Merkinch Enterprise.
Colin provides an invaluable service, looking after the accounts and advising on all things financial.

Katy Martin, Highland Council Ranger.
Highland Council is one of the landowners of the site and is a key stakeholder in the project, providing advice and financial support.

Ailsa Andrews, British Waterways.
The other landowner of the site, British Waterways has been a key player in the successful development of the Reserve.

Jonathan Willet, Highland Council Biodiversity Officer.
Jonathan is an invaluable source of knowledge and is an expert in the field of biodiversity.

Derek McRae, Culloden and Inverness Rotary Club.
Derek designed the Rotary Rambles which can be found in the Paths and Trails section of this website.

Karen Harper and John Weaver, British Trust of Conservation Volunteers.
BTCV delivers the weekly Green Gym sessions in the Reserve and is currently working on a pilot for a Young Rangers Project.

Tim Dawson, Scottish Natural Heritage.
Tim was involved in the very first discussions about the Reserve and his organisation has been a great support to the project, providing advice, guidance and funding.


The Nature Reserve project has been achieved with funding from various sources:

  • Inverness City Partnership City Growths Funding
  • Fairer Scotland Funding, through Merkinch Partnership
  • The Common Good Fund
  • Chief Executive's Capital Fund
  • SNH
  • Highland Council